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Featured Items

Mickey Mantle Baseball Card

Rare vintage baseball card in excellent condition.


Abstract Landscape Painting

Original painting by a renowned local artist.


Art Deco Diamond Ring

Antique diamond engagement ring from the 1920s.


First Edition Book

Limited edition signed copy of a famous novel.


Gold Double Eagle Coin

Rare collectible coin from the 1800s.


Real Estate

Family Home

Spacious 4-bedroom family home in a desirable neighborhood.


Country Cottage

Charming cottage with a large garden and scenic views.


City Penthouse

Luxurious penthouse apartment in the heart of the city.


Victorian Mansion

Historic Victorian mansion with original architectural features.


Lakefront Cabin

Cozy waterfront cabin with private dock and stunning lake views.


Specialty Auctions

Comic Book Collection

Rare collection of vintage comic books.


Antique Furniture Set

Antique furniture from the 18th century.


Classic Rock Vinyl Collection

Vintage vinyl record collection of classic rock albums.


Porcelain Doll Collection

Rare collection of antique porcelain dolls.


Sports Memorabilia Collection

Limited edition sports memorabilia collection.


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